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Frequently Asked Questions

This section includes the questions most commonly asked by our patrons. We hope that you find the answer you need amongst the list below.
  • Can I bring children to a show?

    Yes - children can attend events at THE EDGE but they must have their own ticket and sit in their own seat. All children under 12 years must be with a caregiver at all times.

    Children under the age of 3 years are considered too young to attend most events at THE EDGE and will not be admitted except where the event is for children and families. When the event is a family event - unless otherwise specified - a child under the age of 2 will be admitted free of charge but they must be seated on their caregiver’s knee. Please check the event listing for details.

    THE EDGE hosts many events especially for families and children such as TIME OUT Theatre for Children and the free Pick & Mix programme.

  • Can I take photos at the performance?
    Generally taking photos during performances is not permitted. It is a violation of copyright laws and flash photography can cause a safety hazard to performers. You will be reminded of this by the promoter of the event before the performance begins. If you are seen using a still or video camera, you will be asked to stop and your camera may be confiscated by an usher.
  • Can I use my phone in the theatre?
    We ask that you turn your mobile phone off during any performances in our venues. Switching a phone to silent may eliminate noise, but the light from your phone is likely to be a distraction to other audience members.
  • Can't find the information you need?
    Please contact us at online@the-edge.co.nz or telephone 09 309 2677 for assistance.
  • How are cancellations, postponements and artist venue changes handled?
    Occasionally, events are cancelled or changes are made by the promoter. Should this occur, you  may receive a refund or exchange for that event. Please note that delivery and order processing  fees cannot be refunded.
  • How do I find out more about the artwork in the Aotea Centre?

    Read more about the artwork in the Aotea Centre here

  • How do I know where my seat is?

    Your ticket will specify a Door, Seating Area (eg Circle, Stalls), Row and Seat. Start by finding your assigned Door, and our ushers will then direct you to your seat.

    If you have any problems finding your seats, approach one of our friendly staff. They are trained and ready to assist.

  • How early should I arrive?

    We recommend you arrive at the theatre at least 20 minutes prior to the start of the show. This will allow you sufficient time to find your seats before the performance starts.

    Some performances and events have a very strict lock-out policy to ensure that seated audience members and performers are not unduly disturbed. This means that latecomers will not be admitted to the theatre until a suitable break in the performance.

    Lock-out policies are decided by the promoter of the event or the company performing, and are at their discretion. In some instances latecomers will not be admitted until the interval.

    Please arrive early to avoid disappointment. Many of our patrons find that arriving one to two  hours before the show and enjoying a drink or dinner first is a relaxed way to ensure that they  find parking with ease and get to the venue in plenty of time.

    Venues open 90 minutes before a performance is scheduled to begin.

  • I have trouble climbing stairs – is there a lift?

    Each of our venues offers disability access, however, in our heritage buildings - The Civic and Auckland Town Hall - this can sometimes be hard to find. A combination of lifts (elevators) and  ramps ensures that all levels in each our venues can be accessed by audience members in  wheelchairs or who have difficulty climbing stairs.

    Lifts in the Aotea Centre are located at the southern end of the building towards Greys Avenue.  In the Auckland Town Hall, there is a glass lift that can be found in the central atrium. The lift in The Civic is a little more difficult to locate. If you know you will need to use the lift in this venue, one of our attendants on duty will be able to assist you.

    Please telephone THE EDGE on 09 309 2677 several hours before the performance you are attending and we will ensure our Supervision Team is aware of your needs.

  • I haven't received my tickets - what do I do?

    If you have not received your tickets by three business days prior to an event, please telephoneTicketmaster on 0800 111 999 or (09) 970 9700. Please have available the confirmation number for your account, and/or the number of the credit card with which you made the purchase. 

    The customer services representative will determine the nature of the problem and whether your tickets are replaceable. Usually you will be instructed to collect your replacement tickets at the Box Office prior to the show, and the tickets will be marked as "Replacement" so that they are easily identified as the valid tickets. Replacement tickets can only be picked up by the credit card holder with the original credit card used in the purchase.

  • Is car parking available near THE EDGE venues?

    THE EDGE venues are situated in Auckland’s central business district. There are several public car parks nearby.

    The closest option is the Civic Car Park, located directly below Aotea Centre, THE EDGE. With internal access to Aotea Centre and over 1,000 car park spaces available it is an ideal option when attending a show in our venues. You can pre-book a reserved car park when you book your event ticket.

    Auckland Council has many economic, safe and convenient car parks strategically placed throughout the CBD. The parking buildings are staffed during opening hours. All parking buildings provide disabled access.

    Read more information about parking near our venues.

  • Is THE EDGE one venue?
    THE EDGE encompasses four venues – the Aotea Centre (ASB Theatre and Herald Theatre), The Civic, Auckland Town Hall (Great Hall and Concert Chamber) and Aotea Square.
  • What are Credit Card Charges?

    A credit card fee will apply if the promoter has elected to pass on the credit card surcharge to customers who choose to pay by credit card. This surcharge will be 2.25% and includes credit card fees and expenses, handling and associated infrastructure costs.

    The credit card surcharge will apply to purchases at a Box Office, or over the phone or on the internet. The credit card surcharge does not apply for cash or EFTPOS purchases at any of our box offices.

    Please note: The credit card surcharge also applies to debit cards.
  • What do I do with my coat, bag or umbrella?
    You may be able to leave your coat, bag and/or umbrella at the Coat Check.

    There is a permanent Coat Check at the Aotea Centre (at Stalls level on the ground floor). In the case of The Civic and the Auckland Town Hall, coat check facilities will be available on an event-by-event basis determined by the promoter or performing company. Check with any of our front-of-house staff upon arrival, to see if this facility is available for the event you are attending.
  • What do Premium, A and B Reserve (and other ticket categories) refer to?

    The promoter of each show decides the price range of tickets and the location of the seats within the theatre that are assigned that ticket price. Each price is given a category or 'reserve'. The price and location of each reserve in the theatre changes with each show.

    For this reason, the general seating plans published on this website make no distinction between the different reserves.

    In most instances Premium is the highest price assigned to the best seating areas and B or C reserve is the lowest price.

  • What do you mean by Stalls, Circle and Balcony?

    Our venues have different seating levels, as follows:

    ASB Theatre, Aotea Centre
    Stalls – the lower level (in the United States this is referred to as Orchestra level)
    Circle – the second level, above the Stalls
    Balcony – the third level, overlooking the Circle and the Stalls

    The Civic
    Stalls – the lower level
    Circle – the second level, above the Stalls

    The Great Hall, Auckland Town Hall
    – the lower level
    Circle – the second level, above the Stalls
    Balcony – the third level, above the Circle and the Stalls

  • What happens if I am late to the performance?

    You will be admitted at the first suitable break in the performance, as determined by the promoter of the event or performing company. In some cases the first suitable break may be the interval.

    Some performances and events have a very strict lock-out policy to ensure that seated audience members and performers are not unduly disturbed.

    Our staff on the night will do all that they can to ensure you are able to enter the performance as soon as possible.

  • What if I have lost my ticket/s?

    Should your tickets happen to become lost or stolen, please phone 09 970 9700 or 0800 111 999 or visit the Ticketmaster website.

  • What is an Internet Presale?
    Occasionally, some events will be available to purchase over the Internet in advance of the general public onsale. These presales frequently require a promotional code that may be  distributed by the venue, artist, team, or promoter of either the event or the presale. 

    Often,  these promotional codes are distributed to exclusive members of clubs or certain other types of  groups and cannot be offered to members of the public. Links may be published on the event pages on our website at the time of presale.

  • What is the temperature in the theatres likely to be?
    Each of the theatres at THE EDGE is air-conditioned for comfort. We heat or cool venues, depending on the season, to provide a pleasant temperature for our patrons. We recommend you wear something that you can remove or bring something to put on if you find you are too warm or cold.
  • What should I do if I need help getting to my seat?

    Telephone THE EDGE Reception on 09 309 2677 before 5.30pm on the day of the show, and discuss your needs with our Duty Operations Manager and Supervision team. They will ensure you are looked after.

    If you use a wheelchair, let Box Office know when booking your tickets to take advantage of the flexible seating options in the theatre.

  • What should I wear to the theatre?

    Generally the dress code for events at our venues is smart casual. However, this is dependent on  the type of event you are attending.

    Opening nights for opera and  ballet, and sometimes chamber music and orchestra concerts, tend to be formal. Typical attire on these occasions would be suits for men and cocktail wear for women. If you have received an invitation for a function before or after any of these events, check for the suggested dress code, which sometimes can be black tie. If you are attending later performances in the season, evening wear, office wear or smart casual clothes would be  appropriate.

    Dress for family shows and matinées is smart casual. For rock, pop, outdoor and festival events it is casual.

    The best advice we can offer is to wear something you feel comfortable in so that you can relax and enjoy the performance.

  • Where are THE EDGE venues?
    All four of THE EDGE venues are located in the Auckland CBD within easy walking distance of each other, between Queen Street, Wellesley Street and Mayoral Drive. View a map of THE EDGE venue locations.
  • Where do I buy tickets?
    Tickets are sold via Ticketmaster in the Aotea Centre box office, online at ticketmaster.co.nz or by phoning 09 970 9700 or 0800 111 999.
  • Who handles refunds?

    The decision of whether or not to allow refunds is made by the promoter. THE EDGE assumes no responsibility for making any such decision, and will have no obligation to issue refunds.

    Ticketmaster will process refunds for tickets sold through their website, contact centres, box office locations and agencies. Contact Ticketmaster on 0800 111 999 or 09 970 9700.

  • Why Ticketmaster?

    Ticketmaster has been appointed the exclusive ticket seller for events at THE EDGE venues. 

    Tickets for events can be purchased in person at the Aotea Centre Box Office.